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Watch Our Promotional Video

You can learn more about our production facilities by watching our ALFA SOLAR promotional video.

Benefits Of
Solar Energy

Monthly Average of 1 MW Power Plant
Energy Production


Low Costs

Investors provide a cost advantage because they produce their own electricity. Cost does not include installation cost outside.

High Efficiency

Continuity of production is ensured because the unlimited energy source with the developing technology makes use of the sun.

Alfa Solar in Numbers

1.5 GW

Annual 1.5 GW Power Production

2.640.000 Piece

Production of 2.640.000 Solar Panels per year

30.000 m2 Area

30.000 m2 Closed Area

500 Workers

Full capacity production with 500 employees.

Alfa Solar Energy
Our Working Principles

  • Trust
    Responsibility and Accountability
  • Respect for the Natural Environment
    We are producing for a clean future with a sense of responsibility towards nature.
  • Technical Crew
    7/24 at your service with our technical team.