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A3S72M Monocrystalline Panels

72 Cell Monocrystalline Panels

Local Product Support
Scope of Law No: 5346

  • Electroluminans: Quality control of smallest micro cracks and fractures with infrared radiation.
  • Solar Simulator: 1000W / m2 radiation, 25 C temperature + 5watt tolerance assurance
  • Salt-Fog Test: IEC 61701 ed. Salt resistance according to 2 standards
  • Snow Load Test: Snow load resistance under 5400Pa according to IEC 61215 standards
  • Ammonia Corrosion Test: Corrosion resistance according to IEC 62716 standards./li>
  • Potential Induced Degradation:PID resistance according to IEC 62804 standards.
  • Wind Load Test: Wind load resistance according to IEC61215 standards.
  • Thermal Cycle Damp Heat Test: 1000 hours damp heat and 200 thermal cycles according to IEC 61215 standards.
  • Performance over 3% over cloudy days, morning and evening hours (200W / m2)
  • Fill Factor Value: High fill factor value, increased power. Cell Power: High power with 3 busbar.
  • Square Code System: The ease of displaying the real power measurements in the solar simulator of the panels with a tolerance of +5.
  • Just-in-Time Production: Panel cannot be changed within the panel.