Mission and

We Aim to Empower the Future with Clean and Renewable Energy.

As Alfa Solar, we aim to empower the future with clean and renewable energy. With our high-quality solar panels, we enable energy producers to increase their efficiencies and benefit from the infinite power of the sun.

We aim to create a sustainable world for future generations and to meet the increasing energy needs of our country in the most efficient way.

Innovative Approach
to Production

As Alfa Solar, we are happy to be among the first to adopt all innovations that increase product quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction by closely following the latest technologies.

In our fully robotic production facility, we use advanced technology production machines. We have initiated our efforts to transition our production line to Industry 4.0. In the medium term, we plan to transition our entire system to automation. We are working on AI-supported automation systems that can predict all pauses and disruptions before they occur.

%100 Traceability

We use QR code systems and unalterable labels embedded under the laminate to transparently share all quality control and test results of the solar panels we produce with the purchasing companies.

We are proud to be the first and only panel manufacturer to offer its customers the opportunity to instantly view power verification and electroluminescence values through product labels.

Solar Panels

Even on cloudy days, in the morning and evening hours, 3% extra performance
Cells with high power capacity with 9 and 10 busbars
Guarantee of +5 Watt tolerance at 1000W/m2 radiation and 25 C temperature
Increased power with high fill factor value

Zero Defect

Our top priority is to make sure our products leave our production facility without any defects. We use a 12-step control system to achieve this aim, so we can deliver every solar panel we make without any faults.

We use automation systems to eliminate the possibility of human error and to produce with zero error. We produce our solar panels in our robotic production facility, untouched by human hands.

Quality for

We understand that quality is key to efficient production and lower energy losses in the energy sector. At Alfa Solar, we do more than just make photovoltaic panels.

We create panels that are highly efficient, durable, reliable, and perform at a high level. Our focus on quality is the reason we’re one of the preferred solar panel makers in our industry.

Production Approach

We use lean production techniques to prevent waste of time and resources. We aim to make as little waste as possible, recycle the waste we do produce, and use all our resources effectively.

We use lean production techniques to prevent wastage of time and resources. We aim to make as little waste as possible, recycle whatever waste we do produce, and use all our resources effectively.

1.3 GW

Production Capacity

2.5 Million Units

Solar Panel Production


Indoor Production Factory

750+ Employees

Full Capacity Production

Reliable Solar Panels That
Let Solar Energy
Producers Down

We produce robust and reliable panels with high resistance to environmental factors.

Infrared soldering that minimizes conductivity loss


Cell alignment and sorting system that reduces power mismatch to a minimum


Automatic string control, alignment with string system, and precise optical-electrical controls


100% electroluminescence control capable of detecting even microcracks


Precise measurement with a solar simulator and instant viewing capability with a QR code


Advanced lamination machine with PID temperature
control for superior lamination

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