for Efficiency

High Tech Equipped Production Facility

We manufacture our panels without any human contact by using advanced production robots in our high-tech equipped production facility located in the Kırıkkale Organized Industrial Zone. We prioritize automation with the goal of minimizing human error and satisfy our customers by producing 4000 photovoltaic panels per day.

All production processes in our production facility with a closed area of 40,000 m² have been audited and certified by independent evaluation organizations with international accreditations.

Cell alignment and sorting system minimizing power mismatch
Infrared soldering for minimizing conductivity loss
Alignment with automatic string control and stringing system
Precise optical-electrical controls
100% electroluminescence control capable of detecting even micro-cracks
Precise measurement with Gsolar branded solar simulator
Automatic framing
High voltage testing
Classifying each power tolerance in different panels

1.3 GW

Production Capacity

3 Million Units

Solar Panel Production


Indoor Production Factory

750+ Employees

Full Capacity Production

Modern Robotic Production Facility Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology

In our fully robotic production facility, we use advanced technology production machines.

Infrared soldering that minimizes conductivity loss


Cell alignment and sorting system that reduces power mismatch to a minimum


Automatic string control, alignment with string system, and precise optical-electrical controls


100% electroluminescence control capable of detecting even microcracks


Precise measurement with a solar simulator and instant viewing capability with a QR code


Advanced lamination machine with PID temperature
control for superior lamination

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