The World
Needs the Sun

SPK Approved Prospectus

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Announcement of Sale to Savings Owners

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Company’s Articles of Association

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Internal Directive of the Board of Directors

Declaration Regarding the Internal Directive of the Board of Directors

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Declaration of Representation and Commitment

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Independent Audit Report

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Responsibility Statement of Independent Audit Firm

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Legal Report

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Fund Use Data Report

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Participation Finance Principles Information Form

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Top 10 Customer List

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Top 10 Supplier List

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Price Determination Report

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1.3 GW

Production Capacity

3 Million Units

Solar Panel Production


Indoor Production Factory

750+ Employees

Full Capacity Production

Modern Robotic Production Facility Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology

In our fully robotic production facility, we use advanced technology production machines.

Infrared soldering that minimizes conductivity loss


Cell alignment and sorting system that reduces power mismatch to a minimum


Automatic string control, alignment with string system, and precise optical-electrical controls


100% electroluminescence control capable of detecting even microcracks


Precise measurement with a solar simulator and instant viewing capability with a QR code


Advanced lamination machine with PID temperature
control for superior lamination

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