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Low Cost

Solar Energy;

• It is more efficient as a renewable energy source than other energy types.
• Contiunuity is guaranteed because it benefits from unlimited energy source; sun.
• It is not affected by increases in energy prices.
• Investors gain a cost advantage because they produce their own electricity. There is no other costs than cost of installation.
• Since energy is installed in the regions where energy is needed, losses and costs during transportation are reduced as produced energy does not require energy transmission or transportation.
• Solar energy systems do not consist of moving parts and do not require mechanical maintenance.
• Thanks to your solar energy system, energy is not affected by raw material imports.
• As long as the irradiation is sufficient, it can generate electricity even in cloudy weather. The energy required can be found anywhere, in every region and every season.
• The necessary maintenance operations for the panels of the solar production facilities can also be realized with low cost and labor. Compared to other energy facilities, it also provides an advantage in this respect.
• For the cleaning of the panels, rain will often be sufficient.
• In many applications, complex and costly technologies are not needed.

Equipment and workmanship required to generate electricity from solar energy are falling day by day. Thanks to its numerous environmental and economic benefits and proven reliability, solar energy systems are becoming more attractive.