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Nature Friendly

” Protect The World While Producing, Protect Yourself While Consuming!“

Solar energy is a natural source of renewable energy and is a clean source of energy because it does not cause contamination.

With the increasing population and industrialization, energy need in the world is increasing. Although non-renewable coal, oil and natural gas, which are used in energy production, play an important role in meeting the energy needs of the world but limited, unsustainable energy sources that adversely affect air pollution.

Some of the gases released by these non-renewable energy sources threaten human health and cause global warming. Some of these gases; sulfur dioxide (so2) which causes respiratory disease and heart disease, nitrogen oxide (no) which causes lung diseases and asthma and carbon dioxide (co2) which is the biggest cause of global warming.
Energy and water, which are important and indispensable for our future, are two interdependent sources. Water needs vary depending on the type of energy used.
In solar energy systems, water is only used for panel cleaning, dust and soil removal
Photovoltaic (pv) energy systems use a small amount of water, such as 0.02 m3 / megawatt hour [mwh] for panel and dust cleaning.
Solar energy systems use almost no water when compared to other energy sources. The fact that solar energy uses less water compared to fossil and renewable energy sources will play an important role in the future.
Solar energy, a renewable energy source, uses only the sun as fuel.
It does not cause harmful gas emissions and actively contributes to the reduction of global warming.
In this way, it will offer more reliable energy and offer a cleaner world for our future.